Lyndon Estate in partnership with the Conant Farming operations takes great pride in the commitment made to environmental conservation. We recognise that by maintaining and optimising our land will ensure future generations can enjoy it just as we do today.

We have taken part in Countryside Stewardship Schemes for many years, most recently Entry and Higher Level Stewardship (ELS & HLS). Hedgerows have been planted, buffer margins have been created around every field and nest boxes strategically erected around the holdings.

In addition we endeavour to operate the estate and farms in an environmentally efficient manner. Considerable investment has been made in alternative energy systems.

Trees are of great importance to us, not just in terms of maintaining our existing woodland, but by also creating new plantations and shelterbelts. The ancient trees along the various avenues leading into Lyndon offer an enchanted welcome. We plant and replace roadside trees. Stricken trees where possible are processed into firewood.

Please have a look at some of the specific images and details that follow below. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

An avenue of trees along the Wing Road approach
A wild bird cover in full bloom
Lyndon Hall in the distance
An established shelter belt