The History Section of this website has been an attempt to utilise the archive material to do with Lyndon and the families that have lived here over the last three hundred years.

The two families that have been most prominent in the life of Lyndon and played a leading role are the Barkers and the Conants and therefore we have included material that pre-dates their connection with Lyndon.

The Lyndon Estate in its present form was created over 300 years ago when it was purchased by Abel and Thomas Barker in 1663 for £9,400.00. A few years later work began on Lyndon Hall and the house was completed in 1677. In the 19th Century the Estate was inherited by Edward Nathaniel Conant from his Uncle The Reverend Edward Brown who was a cousin of Anne and Mary Barker, the last of the Barker family to live at Lyndon.

Lyndon remains an Estate Village, as it has been for centuries, retaining much of its charm and rural character and providing an almost unique place to live in the the 21st Century. It is surrounded by an agricultural estate extending to over 1000 acres.

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